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Youth worries about mental health and the environment

The young are supposed to be care free but that isn’t the case, many are deeply concerned about mental health, the state of the world’s climate and the persistence of bullying.
   This year’s Mission Australia Youth Survey Report 2019 surveyed young people aged between 15 to 19 years old in Australia and found some bright spots too, around six in 10 young people felt very happy/happy. Read More


28 Nov 2019 | National
Should universities be enforcers or educators? News Image

Why do students cheat? What should the consequences be for cheaters? Do Australia's universities face a plague of cheating? If so, how should they respond? Read More

28 Nov 2019 | National
The Maths of Life, Evolution and Our World ¨C Mahler Lecture Tour 2019 News Image

This December join University of Cambridge Corfield Lecturer Dr Holly Krieger in Melbourne and Brisbane during her national 2019 Mahler Lecture Tour and explore the maths of our world. Read More

28 Nov 2019 | Melbourne
Harping on about musical foundations News Image

The thing about the harmonica is that you can get pretty good in a fairly short amount of time, not Stevie Wonder good but good enough to have fun with it and feel a sense of achievement. Read More

28 Nov 2019 | NSW
Schools join to train teachers News Image

Five Sydney schools have got proactive about sourcing their future employees, joining together to pilot a training program which will ensure the supply of high-quality teachers. Read More

21 Nov 2019 | National
Talk-And-Walk-A-Thon promotes peer support News Image

The Talk-And-Walk-A-Thon aims to raise awareness of the importance of connectedness, getting kids out walking and talking rather than staring at phones.
Read More

21 Nov 2019 | International
Australia¡¯s brightest young inventors go to NASA News Image

Three of Australia’s brightest young inventors will be heading to NASA in the USA after being named national winners of Origin’s littleBIGidea competition.
Read More

21 Nov 2019 | National
School children have too much phone time, not enough play time News Image

Should the phone be banned in schools? A fraught question, but what can’t be denied is the number of kids glued to their screens while they’re doing just about everything, walking, riding the bus, waiting for a train, studying ... Read More

21 Nov 2019 | National
Australian employers want more than a degree News Image

It’s the end of the year and for another cohort that means thinking about a course and an ensuing career, it’s worth noting that there are changes in the employment landscape and what employers are looking for. Read More

21 Nov 2019 | National
Australia¡¯s literacy woes demand fresh thinking News Image

Many have tried many have failed, there have been any number of approaches to teaching literacy in Australia and most seem to have made little impact on the unacceptably bad level of teenage reading and writing skills. Read More

21 Nov 2019 | National
Employers need to get involved in training youth News Image

High youth unemployment is persistent and vocational training and strong connections between industry and education could be the way to get past it.
Read More

19 Nov 2019 | National
A better future through food News Image

When you think about it, most of what we do as people centres on food, it’s essential for life and how it is produced and consumed has huge implications for our future. Read More

14 Nov 2019 | National
Still great to be a teacher when it comes to jobs News Image

Again, you will be glad that you completed that teaching degree as once again one of the areas with the healthiest job growth has been education and training.
Read More